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 Hello everyone!

So, guess who got a new computer? I did! And I'm super excited, because my Dell was a piece of SHIT! Now I have a decent laptop that's not going to crash on me every three hours I use it. And it's got a nice graphics card, so I'm really in the zone when it comes to making more graphics.

Oh, and I just started making wallpapers! Yay! I didn't think I could do it, but it's not so bad once you get a hang of it. Anyway, a few wallpapers for you all, and they're my first ones, so be nice!

Where the Wild Things Are: [11]
Glee Cast: [25]
The Beatles: [35]
Panic! at the Disco: [52]
Stock: [50]

Panic! at the Disco: [3]
Where the Wild Things Are: [1]

Wallpaper Count: [5]
Green Day: [2] (same picture, different coloring)
Panic! at the Disco: [1]
Ryan Ross: [1]
Where the Wild Things Are: [1]


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All wallpapers are 1366x768. If you want a different size, comment below and I'll try to fix them accordingly.


Green Day

1366x768-Version 1   1366x768-Version 2

Panic! at the Disco


Ryan Ross


Where the Wild Things Are


 Feedback is much appreciated.

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It's been a lifetime.....

So, it's been a while since I updated last. 13 weeks to be exact. It's hard to update often during senior year. Applications, rehearsals, graduation projects, etc. Anyhoozle, I come bearing icons!
I should mention that two weeks back I saw The Academy Is... live, and last Thursday I saw Cobra Starship and A Rocket to the Moon live. They're all awesome bands, and if you haven't heard of any one of them, then what the hell are you doing here? You should be Limewiring/Frostwiring that shit! Anyways, this post is dedicated to the Fueled by Ramen bands that I happened to make icons for. More are coming, but again, time's an issue. (By the way, ramen comes up as a spelling error on my computer. weird.)

Icon Count: [95]
Vampire Knight: [28]
Katy Perry: [4]
A Fine Frenzy: [15]
Panic at the Disco (Pretty. Odd. era): [13]
Hayley Williams (of Paramore): [14]
William Beckett (of The Academy Is...) :

Banner Count: [14]
American Idiot: The Musical: [1]
Green Day: [1]
Katy Perry: [1]
Paramore: [4]
The Academy Is...: [4]
Vampire Knight:


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Oh my god, how ridiculous were we...

Hello all!

I feel as if apologies are in order. As I was approaching the end of the school year, I figured that I would be able to make several more posts to my livejournal.....and of course I seem to have failed. *sulks in corner*. This summer turned out to be busier than originally planned, so therefore, a complete lack in icon posting. I'm terribly sorry!!! But anyway, I have good news! Yay? yay! During the summer break, I was able to work on some staged readings of two fabulous plays. And under the direction of my wonderful acting coach, Alicia Tracy, both plays (and a few other theatre things) are going to be produced in a small Off-Off Broadway theatre! WAHOO! So next summer, I will be making my New York debut in Brian Friels Lovers as 17 year old Mag, as well as playing Eurydice in Sarah Ruhl's Eurydice. I'm so excited! As I get more information, I will be sure to post here.
The school year is fast approaching, but I will try to make more icon posts during the school year. I really have to bust my ass this first quarter, so if updates start off slow, I apologize in advance. Also, posts are dependent on whether I get cast in any of the plays this year. My junior year was such a great year for me as an actor, so I'm not gonna put all my hopes on getting something big. But, it IS my senior year, and working on all these acting/singing intensive have really helped me improve myself as both an actor and a person. So we'll see. I keep you updated on the school year as well, if you guys like.

Now, about the icons:
I can't believe I haven't posted anything since March. Ugh, I'm really falling behind. This post is mostly for fans of the mangas/animes of Ouran High School Host Club and Fullmetal Alchemist. I only just got back into the anime world recently, and these are two series that are really great for getting back into the anime cycle or starting off the anime cycle. If there is anyone who wants to look into anime, I would highly recommend these two. I also have some gifs that were hiding in my folder. First time making gifs and they weren't with the best program, so they kinda suck. And they're too big to be used on livejournal. But at least I know I can, in fact, make gifs. If anyone knows of a better program to make gifs (preferably one that I can download for free), please let me know. I would really like to make some more in the future. 

Spring Awakening: 2
Fight Club: 2
Fullmetal Alchemist (manga): 19
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (Ep. 20): 32 (plus 1 from the Chibi party)
Ouran High School Host Club (manga): 18

GIF Count: 4
Tony Awards-Bret Michael pwnage: 1
Tony Awards-Hair performance: 2
Ouran High School Host Club: 1

Spring Awakening: 1
The Spring Standards: 1


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I am Aquarius, bound for greatness or madness...

Major HAIR icon post!
So, everyone should go see the revival of Hair right now, if you haven't already. Words can't even describe how beautiful this piece is.
This is all I have to say right now.....cuz I'm really freaking tired, and uploading all these icons is a BITCH!!!!!

Icon Count: 96
Hair: 42
Hair Cast: 22
Hair Text: 32 *stock images from deviantart*

As usual, comment/credit is much appreciated.
Peace, Love, and Hair,



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More Icons

I've got some new icons to post here. Most of them are Spring Awakening icons, and most of those are from closing night. I have some more photos from closing night to turn into icons, but I got a little nostalgic, so I need a little break before I continue.  Also, a lot of the icons I was going to post ended up being too big, so I'll post those again when I fix them. If any of the icons don't work, just let me know so I can fix them.

Spring Awakening Text: 7
Spring Awakening Cast: 70
Natalie Portman: 13

Natalie Portman
Keira Knightly


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Rachelle Lefevre is a godess, and Heather Robb is my idol...just an FYI

So, I wasn't sure if I was going to have enough icons to make a legitimate icon post.....I guess I did. haha. Not my fault.
Hope everyone had a good holiday, I did. =]
Anyhoo, not much to say, so onto the icons!



Cobra Starship: 19
Green Day: 7
John Gallagher, Jr: 23
Spring Awakening: 13
Spring Awakening Alumni: 38
Moxy Fruvous Text: 4
The Spring Standards: 45
Twilight: 15


Cobra Starship: 1
Spring Awakening Alumni: 1


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New Year's Resolutions never get fulfilled....

So, in a feeble attempt to maintain this page, and not with Icon posts only, here I am once again, rambling usual.
As the year dwindles down into another page in the history books, I feel as if a recap for the year is needed (personal recap and nonpersonal recap). Thus, we begin:

2008 Year End Review:

1. Heath Ledger went into hiding (he's not dead! He's alive, alright!)
2. I got fired from a light designing job for something that wasn't even my fault (at least it's only school and it doesn't count).
3. I saw Spring Awakening for the third time. Why did I only go once this year? That's just fucked up.
4. I went and saw Port Authority, thus rekindling my love for John Gallagher, Jr. and gaining a new love for the Linda Gross Theatre.
5. Britney Spears swept the VMAs. I would really like to know what drugs the voters were on. I would like some.
6. I completed the first draft of Yesterday and Today. I am now on the seventh revision.
7. I was cast in the staged reading of Hunger, a new play by local playwright Peter Langman. I hope I can be a part of this show again soon.
8. I was cast in Romeo and Juliet. Which was fun.....after the complete chaos that ensued during rehearsal.
9. I participated in Broadway for Obama.
10. I was cast in You Can't Take it With You as Gay Wellington. More on that in the future, as we do not open until February.
11. I saw Johnny Gallagher in concert in Wilmington. It was a nice little personal homecoming for me. DE 's so much cooler than PA.
12. I saw Farragut North at the Atlantic Theater Company. I still love JGJ. And I met Olivia Thirlby. And Isiah Whitlock, Jr. And I'm still obsessed with the Linda Gross Theatre. FYI.
13. I saw Prayer for My Enemy at Playwright's Horizon. Although the play was beautiful, I was in awe at the theatre itself. Is that bad?
14. I found out that I fucking RULE at Fosse dancing. Who knew?
15. Barack Obama is the first African American president. Yeah, what now, bitches???
16. I finally got to experience the wonder that is In the Heights. I'm still speechless.

.....well, that's all I can think of right now. More icons should be on their way, once I have enough to make a decent sized post. Happy New Year, everyone. =]


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Major Icon Dump #5

HUZZAH! 156 icons. That's a lot of f'ing icons. And I have banners today, so make sure you check them out.  ummmm.....I don't really have much to say today....except that I saw the Twilight movie.....twice....and I think that everyone and their mother should go see it. right now.

OH! Just to let y'all know:
I am now taking requests!
Yay? Maybe...if it all works out. Here's what you need to do if you would like to request and icon/banner (possibly wallpaper if you want?):
1.Comment/Send me a message. Because I can't read minds like Edward Cullen.
2. Include either the picture(s) you want, or tell me what kind of picture you want.
3. Any colors and/or designs you might want (i.e. swirls, flowers, grungy looking, etc.)
4. Any text you would like included.
5. When you would like it by. (please try to refrain from saying "any time is good," because then you won't get it until the next icon post, which will be whenever I feel like posting.) K? K.

Alrighty, now that that's out of the way, onward to the icons!

Spring Awakening: 60 [52 basic icons, 8 w/ added designs]
Twilight: 39 [32 basic, 7 w/ designs]
Twilight Text: 8

Twilight Cast: 9
Kristen Stewart: 9
Robert Pattinson: 6

Kristen Stewart/Robert Pattinson: 9
We Need Girlfriends: 16

Assassins: 1
Twilight: 5

You know the deal- Comment/Credit if you take. I <3 comments. =] And I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving. Unless you don't live in the US-in that case, Happy Random Week of November. Remember I'm now doing requests =]


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Icon Dump- Post #4

Hey y'all!
Google Images and the NYTimes website are now my best friends. Why? Because I snagged a plethora of amazing pictures off of them to make into icons! Yay? Yay.  And they led me to a fabulous array of Port Authority pictures that I didn't even know existed! So naturally, I had to make icons. Which is why this post I repeating myself?
There's also a plethora of Johnny Gallagher icons today.....I dunno why....but there is.
I hope my next post will include icons for [title of show] and Rabbit Hole....and maybe more, depending on my mood.

You know the drill, take whatever you want, just comment/credit. Oh, and you MUST ask to use icons 6-14, as these are from pictures that I took myself. K? K.
~Jess (wow, is that the first time I'm using my name? my bad.)


26 John Gallagher, Jr.
26 Port Authority



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SOUNDTRACK: [title of show]
PLAY: The Pillowman

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Icon Post # 3!!!

Woohoo! third icon post! i get really excited over these things. >_<
I'm getting these out of the way now, cause i won't be online for most of tomorrow. But I WILL be at Johnny Gallagher's concert in Wilmington, DE (my hometown! W00t!), so I'll be posting pictures from that after i get back. (maybe a video as well? who knows...)

Anyway, wow, time flies, doesn't it. I got cast in Romeo and Juliet *saweet!* as Servingman #1. But don't let the lack of a title fool you- I actually have a decent amount of lines. And on Thursday I'll be auditioning for a new play written by one of my classmates father. Wish me luck!

OK, now onto the icons!

Spring Awakening (new cast): 10
Spring Awakening Tour: 48
South Pacific: 19

You know the drill: take as many as you want, just comment and/or credit. Danke!


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